Friday, March 21, 2014

Three sentence movie reviews: Her

I was surprised to find this movie incredibly underwhelming, both in plot and visually.  Several times I found my eyes closing because it was interesting to listen to, though perhaps I just wanted a nap?  I want to blame the costumes--the men wore 40s-style wool baggy pants with 80s-style polo shirts tucked in and I found that very distracting,* but I'm guessing I wouldn't have had that reaction if the plot was more interesting.

Cost:  $7.00
Where watched:  Living Room Theaters.

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*I also found Joaquin Phoenix's mustache distracting.


  1. Interesting. Everyone so raved about the story. I was kind of meh about seeing it, so we didn't.

  2. The pants became popular. Of course! Urban Outfitters is now selling them. :)

  3. I'm okay with the pants. It was the tucked in 80s polo shirt thing WITH the pants that bugged me.

  4. I'm with Sara. I had zero interest in this movie. It sounds so dull to me. I wonder if it's another male reviewer/female reviewer thing? Every person I know who loved it is male. Also, I'm with you on the mustache. Awful. But I almost universally hate mustaches.