Thursday, March 20, 2014

Postcard from Virginia

Thank goodness!

Although message written on the back of the postcard laments that it keeps snowing in Virginia.  I took a picture of the obverse, because this postcard got rather damp in its travels, washing out the ink.  Perhaps it was snowed on?  Also, I was intrigued by the stamp cancellation.  Who knew ball point pen and odd circles had become a thing with the USPS?


  1. Really? That was the cancellation mark? I am thinking something has changed with the machinery at the USPS because a lot of the postcards you send me never even get cancelled. Odd!

    And felt tip pen - I guess - has it's limitations. But I so love to write with them.

    I also like your use of obverse.

  2. Its limitations - not it's limitations. Sorry Grammar Police!