Sunday, November 9, 2014

Shrug Pattern

It's grown cold and my work dress is short sleeved.  What to do with my cold arms?  Make three more dresses in a long-sleeved pattern?  Possibly, if I had more money and more time.  Instead, I purchased a pattern for a shrug from Jalie Patterns.

This is the first pattern I've bought from this pattern company, which is Canadian and has a lot of active wear. I will likely buy more because I liked that the pattern paper was high quality and the shrug was easy to assemble.  Process photos coming soon.


  1. Good afternoon from your time zone! Today is the day! Comments will be made. Catching up will be done. Happily in front of a cracking fire.

  2. Nice! Shruggy goodness. I like that the pattern company meets your approval!!!