Friday, November 28, 2014

Nice detail

Aside from the striped awnings, which are great, I loved the wrought iron details on the porch of this house.  I've not been to New Orleans, but I imagine this to be a very NOLA house.


  1. Oh, this picture definitely benefits from being looked at in the "blown up" view. The wrought iron on the porch is amazing.

  2. That is funny that you mention NOLA houses because as we were driving around I kept thinking "Oh My God! Patty would love that house!" There were some insanely ornate mansion types and there were very small shotgun houses that reflected a very tropical color schemes and culture. They were very close and very colorful.

  3. I especially like the roof line of that house. I would love to see how the rooms with those rooftop windows are situated. I want at least one to have a little window nook reading area.