Sunday, November 16, 2014

New ironing board. Also, completed shrug.

The old model. Not shown:  how it would shriek while setting it up, causing Antares to flee in horror.  Also not shown:  how it would fall down unexpectedly, sometimes right in the middle of me pressing something.

Our new ironing board friend? Looks cheery. Is manufactured in a way so it will not fall down unexpectedly.  Also has the same kind of legs as the old one, so I can still use the same closet hangers.

Meanwhile, here's a picture of my completed shrug.  If I make this again I will size up one size (to accommodate my large arms) and extend the front pieces so they meet.  Still, this is fine.  And its very cozy.


  1. The mental image of Antares fleeing in terror made me chuckle quite a bit. I imagine it's something like what Miri looks like, heading for the hills whenever I pull the vacuum out of the closet. I'm glad you're going to have an ironing board that doesn't randomly fall down. That would be super annoying. Cute shrug!

  2. Yay for a new and more stable ironing board. The shrug looks great!