Thursday, November 27, 2014

Guess what arrived on my doorstep today?

Why it's the special Thanksgiving issue of the Oregonian.  The one that I specifically called and said I didn't want and they cheerfully agreed that I wouldn't get and wouldn't be charged for.  Will they charge me for it?  Most likely.


  1. Haha, oh man. The one with all the ads? Infuriating.

  2. They did. And when I called to tell them to remove it they said that there was no note on my account but they would refund the cost as a courtesy. Which caused my blood pressure to skyrocket, me to tell them it sounded like they said I was lying, me saying "have a nice day" in the least nicest tone possible and me writing an email to the head of circulation suggesting that perhaps that customer service person should remove "as a courtesy" from their customer service vocabulary. In other words, it didn't go well.