Friday, January 17, 2014

Pretty grades.

From one of the 4/5 teacher's grade book.  If you have to keep grades, why not make them lovely colors?


  1. Mine often looked like that. It wasn't my grade book, which was computer based, but my hard copy grading sheet (back-up). Whatever color of pen I graded with would show up on my sheet. Then there would be a sharpie mark down each column as I put them in the gradebook. I don't really miss those days. Though, truthfully, my grade sheet for my University class looks just like that too. Old dog, and all!

  2. I think if I kept a grade book it would have a lot of color too. But it would be on Excel. I guess it's all on computers now, though, which probably don't let you use color.

  3. It definitely would make it more fun/interesting than writing them all in black ink.