Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Get over the "bulking up" ladies. Or at least stop writing newspaper articles about it.

I can't tell you the number of articles I've read over the years about the subject.  It drives me crazy.  Big muscles are very cool.  Quit trying to be diminutive and tiny.


  1. Look at FLOTUS!!! Our First Lady rocks the chiseled look!

  2. Is this article saying that women can't bulk up or that they don't want to? If it's that they can't, they're obviously wrong. If it's that they don't want to . . . well, I can understand not wanting to be like fitness competition bulked up, but I agree with Sara that a well-muscled, toned woman like Michelle Obama can look very sexy.

  3. The gist of this article (which I've read over and over again for more than 25 years now) is essentially: you don't have to be worried that you are going to get really big by lifting weights, because that takes focused effort.

    Never does it say, "hey, don't be afraid to put on some muscle. It's rather cool." It's like the article that won't die that's saying women should be small and tiny and never strong. Ugh. Drives me crazy.