Friday, September 26, 2014

Three sentence movie reviews: In a World

Breezy and fun comedy that illuminates the darkened corners of the voice-over world.  It's chock full of people you will recognize* and voices your are familiar with.**  I thought Lake Bell sold herself out by writing the Gina Davis speech, but other than that, this was a very fun movie.***

Cost:  Free from library
Where watched: at home, as a palette cleanser.

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*Apparently I recognize Alexandra Holden from Friday Night Lights playing someone named Suzy.
**Vinnie Van Lowe from Veronica Mars is in this.  And the bald friend of R in Warm Bodies.
***And a comedy with no defecation!


  1. I've loved Ken Marino (Vinnie Van Lowe) ever since his days on the sketch comedy The State. It delights me every time he turns up on my screen. Something about the preview from this movie turned me off to it though. Maybe I should stop being so judgmental.

  2. I really enjoyed this movie as well. Vinnie always makes me laugh when ever I see him. And Lake Bell was great!