Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy birthday America! You readers of the Oregonian, get ready to grumble!

It's America's birthday, so why don't we, as the publishers of the Oregonian, debut yet another annoying feature.

See this wrap-around ad?  You have to open the entire paper and tear it off from the front page.


  1. Happy Capitalist Birthday, Capitalist America!

  2. I finally gave up on them. Now I need to find a new source of local news, and develop new habits in pursuing inter/national news. So far I have been cleaning the basement and having garage sales and camping, and completely forgetting to check any news at all.

    (This may be a repeat comment, as my first one seemed to get eaten.)

  3. Ughhhhhhh, that's so annoying. Are you sure you're not the last person in Portland still reading The Oregonian? Haha.