Sunday, June 8, 2014

Three sentence movie reviews: The Fault in Our Stars

Shailaine Woodley was perfectly cast (although missing the puffy steroided face, but hey!  At least Hollywood let her keep the cannula and have a bad haircut and too-loose clothing) in this very faithful adaptation of the beloved novel and I loved every moment she was on the screen.  I cannot say the same about her counterpart, Ansel Elgort, who was full of nervous ticks and goofy mannerisms and didn't even have the whole I'm-supposed-to-have-a-prosthetic-leg thing down.  It got to the point where every time he was on the screen I found myself wishing they would cut back to Shailaine and by the end of the movie I was very angry that Ansel Elgort was even present.*

*Which was a complete bummer because this movie had a lot going for it, otherwise.

Cost:  $10.00
Where watched:  Living Room Theaters with Matt, Kelly, Laurie and Burt.

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  1. Interesting. You know we have not seen it yet. Someone, Ahem, has not done his due diligence and read the book yet.

  2. Now that I have seen it and we have shared a text or two about your review, I am remembering. I can see the leg thing, but I really did think he was cute. Goofy mannerisms, I can see that, too.

  3. I am avoiding unpacking, since this is my last do nothing day of the week. Tomorrow I have meetings for my project and training for my library GA gig! In about an hour I have a college of ed block party where I will know no one, but am going to be social and meet people.

  4. Even if it is the last thing I find comfortable to do... Being new is not my favorite (I know its not a lot of people's favorite). All of my nervous tics (diarrhea of the mouth, ear picking, not really listening because I am planning what I am going to say, my social awkwardness, etc.) come out to play.