Monday, June 30, 2014

Postcards from Virginia and Virgina

This one said 3/3 on the back.

This one said 2/3 on the back.
Where was 1/3?  Not in my mailbox today.  
Anyway, a certain regular commenter who currently lives in Virginia sent this to me from Minnesota, where she will soon move.  I enjoyed the juxtaposition of the two states, as well as the Thomas Jefferson quotes.


  1. That quote on 2/3 is great! I hope 1/3 shows up eventually.

  2. Oh TJ!!! Such a fun Virginian! I, of course, am more in love with George Mason, but he is never quoted. And Gunston Hall, his home, does not sell similar quotey sorts of postcards. I thought you would like all of the above, I am so glad!!!

  3. Could I have put quotes around "quotey" like that to indicate I know it is a made up word? Would that have been a correct usage of the quotation marks? I feel like I need to take an English class in school...

  4. Oh and there is my favorite misuse of the ellipse!

  5. Yep, somehow this girl is getting a PhD! ;)