Friday, May 23, 2014

Everyone can wear a maxi dress. No really!

Look!  We have photographic evidence.  Skinny tall women without boobs can wear it, and skinny tall people WITH boobs can wear the style.  That's everyone, right?


  1. "There's a maxi dress for every shape." Nope. This is a lie. Some of us (me) look like little girls trying to wear their mother's clothes in maxi dresses. *sigh* I can't wait until boho style goes back out of fashion.

  2. Shawn and I decided that yes, gals of lesser stature can wear them, but they have to be the exact right length. Which means if I were to purchase one (no plans) I would have to have it hemmed. That is annoying and so I will say no thanks!

  3. The one I had needed to be hemmed. And that's why it got donated. I think it's an okay style for me though, because I have good front-of-chest and also it hides the fact I'm long waisted with very short legs. Plus flowey to hide my various and sundry curves.