Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Why yes, I'm making six loaves of bread today.

But I only have two bread pans!  So staggered baking it is.
At the time of this picture, I had two loaves rising, and had prepped the wet ingredients for the other four. When it was time, I poured the milk/water combo into a pot and heated it, then poured some of the warm milk/water back into the jar to loosen the honey.  Then I stirred in the butter--melted in the microwave--and that made it easier to pour the liquid into the dry ingredients while the mixer was going.

The bread turned out great.  But alas,  no pictures.


  1. The bread tasted great and one loaf is almost gone. I did not have a bun for the hamburger I wanted, so I used two pieces of the delicious bread. MOM

  2. Six loaves is a lot! One for each family member?

  3. One for Mom, Chris, Aunt Pat, Aunt Carol, Matt as presents. And I made one for myself because there was no way I was going to make five loaves of bread and not make one for me.