Saturday, December 20, 2014

This couch will forever be Jan's couch.

Waiting to exchange doors at Ikea, I slumped on this couch.  Which Jan had in (I believe) purple once upon a time.  Thus it will always be known as "Jan's couch" and not its offical name, whatever it is.


  1. Isn't that funny how we so connect to certain things like that? I can be that way with cars. Certain cars are just so-and-so's car. Even if they have not owned said car for a long time! :)

  2. Omigosh! What a blast from the past! Mine was the standard white canvas, which we had a dark blue cover for, although I think after washing it a time or two, the blue cover didn't fit anymore, so we just gave up (my current couch is purple though). That couch was the worst size for sleeping on. It was just slightly not long enough. I remember using it for a couple of weeks after I moved out on my own until I could get a ride up to Washington to get my sleeper "couch" (this was before there was IKEA in Portland). I believe I gave the old couch to Elizabeth, if you remember her.

  3. The worst for sleeping on indeed. I kind of liked it in leather though. :-) I wonder if Elizabeth still has it.